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Garrett ATX Pulse Induction Metal Detector

Garrett ATX Waterproof PI Metal Detector 

The Garrett ATX was introduced by Garrett Electronics in 2013. It is a pulse induction metal detector waterproof to ten feet. It is unique in that it is one of the few metal detectors retailed to the general public in a housing developed for military applications. Garrett makes a military land mine detector called the Recon Pro AML-1000. It was developed and marketed after the Garrett Infinium, the only underwater ground balancing pulse induction (GBPI) metal detector made by a major manufacturer. The Recon is notable for the waterproof telescoping compact design with hidden coil cables. The new ATX is a highly refined detector combining the best of the Garrett Infinium and Garrett Recon AML-1000 into a single package. The actual housing is almost identical to that used by the AML-1000. The electronics has attributes from both detectors. It is a considerable improvement over the much older Infinium electronically and folds into a remarkably small package without disassembly.

I was one of the first individuals to obtain a Garrett ATX when they came out as I had been waiting for a new waterproof ground balancing pulse induction metal detector ever since the Infinium came out over ten years ago. I honestly was a bit surprised Garrett came out with a second generation waterproof GBPI before the competition has released any at all. Ground balancing PI detectors have the ability to work in a combination of salt water and black sand/hot rock environments in unique ways. VLF and even standard non-ground balancing PI detectors suffer under these extreme conditions. The Infinium showed me what might be possible in Hawaii but it suffered from issues common in first generation detectors. There was room for improvement, and I am hoping the ATX addresses the electromagnetic interference (EMI) and salt water instability problems that plagued the Infinium.

My first impressions were positive, with my first detailed report at Gold and Silver with the New Garrett ATX. I have a separate article on prospecting with the ATX at Gold Nugget Detecting with the Garrett ATX. The ATX is a versatile detector and will see use prospecting, relic hunting, jewelry detecting (above water and under) and even coin detecting. I have two beach detecting articles on the ATX - Beach Detecting in Hawaii With The ATX and Garrett ATX Return To Hawaii

After using the Garrett ATX for over a year for varied tasks under varied conditions I have come to regard it as one of the best metal detectors I have ever owned. See My First Year With The Garrett ATX

The Garrett ATX is uniquely versatile in its physical aspects. It can be extended longer than most people need yet can collapse into a very short diver configuration due to the three piece lower rod design.

Garrett ATX collapsed for diving use
Garrett ATX collapsed for diving use

For storage or backpacking the ATX folds even shorter yet to only 20" in length due to the rotating/folding coil design. The ATX coils are rather unique in that they are integrated with the lower rod with the wires running through the rod and a rear mounted hinge on the coil. This allows the coil to fold back completely over the rod and/or detector body. The rod/coil assembly can be rotated 90 degrees for hunting walls and to enable a more compact stowed configuration.

Garrett ATX folded for storage or backpacking
Garrett ATX folded for storage or backpacking

All the ATX functions are accessed though a top mounted control panel with rubber topped touch pad buttons and LED indicators. A shift button allows each button to have at least two functions allowing for a full feature set in a simplified layout.

Garrett ATX Control Panel
Garrett ATX Control Panel

Garrett ATX Quick Guide
Quick Guide to Garrett ATX Controls

The Garrett ATX comes standard with a 12" x 10" DD search coil. Optional 8" round and 20" x 15" mono coils with integrated lower rods are also available.

The ATX does have a built in waterproof speaker and so does not require headphones. It does come with land headphones that use a waterproof connector, the same connector that Garrett uses on the Infinium and AT Pro/AT Gold models. The same waterproof headphones available for those models work on the ATX and are required if it is desired to put the headphones underwater. The included headphones have a waterproof cable that can be submerged but the headphones themselves must be kept dry. A short adapter dongle is also available to convert the ATX waterproof headphone connector to the standard 1/4" female receptacle so standard metal detector headphones may be used.

See the Garrett ATX Accessory Page for details on headphones, search coils, and other accessory items available for the Garrett ATX. There is information there on using Garrett Infinium coils on the ATX, and notes on how to chest mount or even backpack mount the ATX control box.

Finally, the ATX runs off eight standard AA batteries, eliminating any shipping or airline issues that can be a problem with some PI detectors. The detector comes complete with both alkaline and NiMH rechargeable batteries plus a 110V and 12V charger system. The detector runs approximately 10-12 hours on a charge when using headphones, less if running off the speaker. The best method is to use the rechargeable batteries and carry the alkaline set as backup.

Download the Garrett ATX Instruction Manual Here

How To Disassemble and Clean the ATX Coil Shaft & Camlocks

Garrett ATX Accessory Page

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Garrett ATX Technical Specifications*
Internet Price $2120.00
Technology Ground Balancing Pulse Induction (GBPI)
Frequency Unknown
Autotune Mode(s) Slow Motion and Non-Motion
Ground Rejection Four Tracking Speeds and Fixed
Soil Adjust Can ground balance into salt soils
Discrimination Dual Tones, Iron Check & Reverse Disc
Volume Control Volume Limiter plus headphone controls
Threshold Control 25 level push button setting
Tone Adjust No
Audio Boost No
Frequency Offset Automatic
Pinpoint Mode Yes
Audio Output Proprietary headphone socket, Headphones supplied plus Waterproof Speaker
Hip Mount No
Standard Search Coil(s) 12" x 10" DD
Optional Search Coils Two available - 8" mono and 20" x 15" mono
Battery 8 AA rechargeable and disposables supplied
Operating Time 10 - 12 hours
Weight 6.9 pounds
Additional Technology 13 level adjustable gain control
Notes Waterproof to 10 feet (requires optional submersible headphones).

*Notes on Technical Specifications - Detailed notes about the specifications listed in this chart.