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Nokta FORS Gold Metal Detector

Nokta FORS Gold Metal Detector 

Nokta Detectors is a new name to most people in the United States. Nokta Engineering is a company based in Istanbul, Turkey since 2001. They are relatively unknown but the new FORS CoRe and FORS Gold models seem destined to change that. The two detectors are very similar, with the FORS CoRE aimed at the coin and relic market, and the FORS Gold aimed at the prospecting market.

October 2015 - Nokta announces new model, the Nokta FORS Gold+

I had an opportunity to acquire a FORS Gold and discovered it was a well built detector offering a lot of features and performance for the price. The key features:

1. The FORS Gold runs in pure all metal mode while displaying target id number in the handle mounted LCD window. This allows for best performance with an eye towards dig it all detecting, yet allows obvious junks targets to be verified and ignored if desired. The key is no mode switching is needed, and time waster and ultimately something that wears out controls.

2. You have all ground balancing options possible. There is the easy push button and bob, or "grab" type ground balancing. There is pure manual adjust up and down ground balancing. And there is full automatic ground tracking.

3. There is an efficient dual tone based discrimination mode, called Boost Mode (DI2 on the CoRe model), that can be used to easily sort out ferrous trash and most hot rocks by either tones or outright discrimination of these undesired targets. Yet detection of gold nuggets is only minimally affected.

4. There is a three tone mode aimed more at coin detecting that makes the FORS Gold suitable for almost all detecting tasks, whether coin, relic, or jewelry detecting. The only area to expect only moderate performance would be on saltwater beaches, where all single frequency detectors suffer. The FORS CoRe has an additional mode to help it deal with conductive salt water conditions that the FORS Gold lacks.

Look at all the other gold nugget detectors out there and ask if they can run in all metal mode while simultaneously displaying target id numbers on screen, and if they offer ground grab, manual ground balance, and automatic ground tracking. The surprising answer will be no. No other nugget detector offers all these options in a single unit. Only a few top end expensive coin detectors do so but they lack the nugget detecting power of the FORS Gold and FORS CoRe. This alone makes the Nokta FORS models a unique and valuable addition to the VLF nugget detecting world and one worth serious consideration.

New FORS Gold Control Panel with Touch Pads
New 2015 FORS Gold Control Panel with Touch Pads

Here are some details in the three modes offered on the FORS Gold. There is a true threshold based all metal mode that has no discrimination control. There is no variable discrimination in this mode but the on screen target id does kick in for targets in discrimination range. Because all metal reaches deeper than discrimination modes the deeper targets will give an audio signal but no on screen target id number. This is how you locate deep targets beyond what a discrimination mode can detect.

Then you have preset tone modes, either two tones or three tones. In two tone mode it is low tone ferrous and medium tone non-ferrous. Three tone mode adds a high tone for targets zinc penny and higher. These discrimination modes are "silent search" with no threshold sound.

In both the disc modes you have a variable control called ID Mask. It is just like the control on a single knob disc machine, up and down with anything below the setting rejected. This is on top of and in addition to the tones. However, ID Mask is not like on most detectors where it starts at iron and goes up from there. The control starts all the way down in the ground range and goes up from there. This is important because many detectors cannot be set for a true "zero disc" mode but always have a little iron discrimination built in even at minimal settings. The FORS are like other Euro machines that let you fine tune the ferrous responses for extracting targets out of thick ferrous trash. This combined with the small coil makes it deadly in ferrous trash.

ALL modes always have an active on screen visual VDI number:

Nokta FORS Target ID Table

If you want you can run ID Mask very high to eliminate foil or aluminum or whatever on the high end, but like other machines you will lose nickels if you go too high. There is no notch function. The best way to proceed there is use three tone mode. Run ID Mask up to just below nickel range. Now you get no signal on targets that fall below nickel, nickel to just below zinc penny medium tone, and zinc penny on up high tone.

My FORS reads 56 on a nickel. If I turn the ID Mask up to 56 it still accepts the nickel. If I turn it to 57 nickel breaks up badly. At 58 nickel is gone.

There is no threshold in the disc modes so no threshold nulling. The rejected targets are simply gone, and nothing pops up on screen for VDI. So on screen VDI is not 100% independent of settings.

If I turn the ID Mask up to 99 nothing goes beep so the control operates over the entire discrimination range unlike many detectors that do not allow the control to run into the coin range. The ID Mask control has exceptional range all the way from ground on one end up to silver coins and above on the other end.

I like the out-of-box thinking Nokta is displaying in the design of their detectors. The FORS Gold has a small LED flashlight built into the handle to illuminate the work area in low light conditions or to just use as a flashlight when you get back to your vehicle in the dark. And in a nugget detecting first, there is an adjustable vibration mode built into the handle that operates in conjunction with or independently of the audio. This feature alone can be a real benefit to people with hearing loss and in theory will allow somebody who is totally deaf to go metal detecting effectively! Now that is some real cool out of box thinking and the reason we need more companies like Nokta in the business. Even people with good hearing can benefit as most of us have run into high wind or other situations where hearing the detector is difficult at best. Anyone who has ever used the new pinpointers already knows how this works.

I used the FORS Gold and did a very in-depth review on my forum. Rather than duplicate it here see Detailed Review of Nokta FORS Gold Metal Detector. Also my story Nokta FORS Gold Scores Spectacular Gold Specimen! There is also an excellent review of the FORS Gold being used in Australia.

I found the Nokta FORS Gold to be very easy to operate on one hand, yet it has features to please a demanding detectorist like myself. The FORS Gold is an extremely capable prospecting VLF detector with excellent ground handling capability. I was able to become proficient with it in very short order and recover several very nice gold nuggets with it, including a very delicate two gram specimen. Nokta is a name to pay attention to in the future as I believe this company is going places.

The FORS CoRe and the FORS Gold are the almost the same detector with the FORS CoRe offering a salt water beach mode for the same price and for that reason I think most people would be better served by purchasing a FORS CoRe. The FORS Gold instead has an alternate mono tone DI2 offering that the FORS CoRe lacks but overall I think the Salt mode on the CoRe may be more useful even for prospectors whi may encounter salt or alkali conditions. Other than that everything on this page would apply just as much to both models. For those interested in using these detectors hunting around old cabins and campsites here is a Great Review of the FORS CoRe by Keith Southern.

3.3 Grams Gold Found With Nokta FORS Gold Metal Detector
3.3 Grams of California Gold Found by Steve Herschbach with the Nokta FORS Gold

Download the Product Brochure

Download the Nokta FORS Gold Instruction Manual

Download the Nokta FORS CoRe Instruction Manual

Nokta FORS Gold Technical Specifications*
Internet Price $699.00
Technology Induction Balance (IB)
Frequency 15 kHz
Autotune Mode(s) Pre-Set Slow Motion
Ground Rejection Grab, Manual, & Tracking
Soil Adjust Gold - No, CoRe - Yes (COG Mode)
Discrimination Variable with Visual ID & Tone ID
Volume Control Yes
Threshold Control Yes
Tone Adjust Yes
Audio Boost No
Frequency Offset Yes
Pinpoint Mode Yes
Audio Output 1/4" headphone socket & speaker
Hip Mount Shaft Mount Only
Standard Search Coil(s) 7" x 11.2" DD
Optional Search Coils 4.7" x 5.2" DD and 13.3" x 15.5" DD
Battery Four AA
Operating Time 25 - 30 hours
Weight 4.3 pounds
Additional Technology Handle Mounted LED Flashlight, Vibration Mode Incorporated Into Handle

*Notes on Technical Specifications - Detailed notes about the specifications listed in this chart.


Nokta FORS Gold Metal Detector for Gold Nuggets
Nokta FORS Gold with Rain Cover on Control Box