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Gold Mining Claims For Sale or Lease in Alaska

This page is a free service to help people find mining claims for sale or lease. Listings here may be deleted after 6 months unless you contact us and let us know you wish the listing to continue.

To have your ad listed here, email with details. For listings in other states return to index. Use the existing ads as your template. Note that since the webmaster is a prospector it can take a week or more for listings to be posted.

VERY IMPORTANT! and Herschbach Enterprises take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented here. A listing on this page is in no way an endorsement or recommendation of the property listed. Contact the person listing the claim if you want more information. Research all claims thoroughly before purchase. Read Investigate That Claim Before You Buying. Also visit the Gold Mining Scam page for some insight. If you have any doubt about what you are doing consider hiring a qualified person or company to validate a potential claim purchase. If you know of a listing here that you believe to be fraudulent in any way please alert us at the email address above.

Fortymile River - Added 3/7/2017. For sale Turnkey operation. Six (6) river bottom claims on the main stem of the Fortymile River. 2 Ft overburden to bedrock, 3 grams of gold per hour with 6 In. dredge average.

 Fortymile Riever Ad

Assortment of Finishing Equipment including, The Cube, Blue Wheel, Green Board, All diving equipment, Camping Equipment. $49,500.00 Contact Tom or call 215-796-0812

Babe & Vault Creek - Added 3/7/2017. For Lease. We have 440 acres containing almost 2 miles of virgin permafrost placer ground for lease 13 miles N. of Fairbanks. Babe and upper Vault Creek drain a gold rich belt that extends from Ester Dome NE to the Ft. Knox mine. Lower Vault Creek was extensively drift mined in the early 1900’s and was a major producer. One small drift operation was located on Babe Ck. but no production records have been found. There are several old prospect shafts on both creeks that indicate gold values at a MINIMUM of 1oz/30 yds of gravel. One such shaft was cleaned out and taken to bed rock which was at roughly 65’. I recently put down a 6’x6’ shaft and hit bed rock at 60’. Pay gravel is approximately 10’ in thickness. This mining season I’ll be cross drifting the valley to better determine the values to expect both up and downstream. Any operation undertaking the mining of these claims needs to not be deterred by significant overburden which varies from at least 30’ to 70’. An extensive drilling program would be needed. The history of lower Vault shows 1/3 of the gold recovered was 1 penny weight or better. There is good indication that the width of the pay could easily be 150’ to 200’ with the richest pay streaks being around 50’. The two creeks combined typically run enough water to supply a washing operation especially if ponded. There is a large spring that adds significantly to the water available. Contact: Kurt Blumberg e-mail: or phone: 303-507-9502 for additional information.

Platinum, AK - Added 2/7/2017 We have 4480 offshore acres available. The claims are shown in blue on the map below, a total of 38 claims. Research: USGS, USBM and Thomas Oommen PhD. Geologist completed 2 studies, one in 2006 and one in 2008. Goodnews Mining Co. recovered 650,000 ounces in a 41 year time frame with a dragline and a bucket line dredge @ 15,853 ounces per 3 month season within a 6.5 mile stretch of the Salmon River.

platinum ak claim map

40 acre claim @ 15k each. 160 acre claim @ 50k each. Discounted prices for a purchase of multiple claims. A 30k investment will allow an extraction of 60 to 70 lbs of concentrate for assay to verify the findings of the above listed agencies and individual. Please reply to this ad via email at

Ruby-Poorman - Added 1/28/17. Great Alaska Mining Company, LLC Turnkey Gold Mine for Sale. It is located in the Ruby District, 40 Miles south of the Village of Ruby, Alaska. Ten claims 520 acres on the Ruby/Poorman Road with equipment & living quarters. Mine can be run by 5 people and is in operation now, all licenses in place. The Greenstone Creek Gold mine is a rare find. The mine is in operation now and comes complete with living quarters and equipment. Access is by Ruby Poorman road for 39 miles the road is State, the final mile is maintained by the miner.

greenstone creek

The overlying material is glacial till, with two to four feet of organics, ten to twelve feet of gold bearing gravel. Most of the gold is found in the gravel at the bedrock. The owners hold 10 claims 520 acres total. The size of each claim is 40 acres with one being 160 acres. Experience shows the ground has been rich in these claim sites where there is a confluence of streams. The old timers had mined part of this area but were inefficient and the existing tailings have proved to be quite mineable. One claim has approximately 5 acres that was mined in the past the rest of the claims are unmined. $750,000 USD. Interested buyers will be provided with details and photos of mine and equipment. Please inquire at email or

Porcupine Creek - Updated 1/21/17. State of Alaska Gold Mining Claims available for lease, sale, or, negotiable agreement for the 2017 mining season with option to buy at terms we agreed to accept. THE CLAIMS are contiguous to a MINING OPERATION ON THE CLAIM to the North, a160 ACRE CLAIM. THERE IS A RIGHT-OF-WAY - GOOD TRAIL - WHICH IS ABOUT 4 MILES FROM THE MAIN HIGHWAY - GOOD FOR ATV, 4X4, OR EQUIPMENT. The parties who own the claim to the North took in a D8, Case 450, water pumps and 100+ ton per hour wash plant. They are on the Porcupine Creek which crosses the Tok Cutoff Highway which is Highway 1 in Alaska and drains into the Slana River and into the Copper River, a large gold producing drainage and up the side of the mountains. They are in the yellow oval in the photograph below and are listed with claim numbers in the Topographic Map.

porcupine creek location

porcupine creek claims

I have several State of Alaska mining claims that have never been mined located in a proven belt of valuable metals. Our claims are within thirty miles, as the crow flies, from the Nabesna Gold Mine that was discovered back in the early 1900's and also within the same belt of precious metals plus according to the book "Nabesna Gold" a quartz vein containing up to 256 ounces of gold per ton was discovered. In addition, our claims are within fifty miles of Slate Creek and Miller Gulch which produced about 180,000 ounces of gold. Our Claims are located in the middle between the Nabesna Mine and Slate Creek and they all are located in the yellow oval in the second photo. Corvus Gold produced and published this photo and they owned claims in the area and have done a lot of exploration on their claims however in early 2016 they sold them to Millrock who plan to do testing and groundwork on the claims in 2017.

I am looking for a few prospectors who are interested in living their Prospectors Dream. We will not pay any wages and we will not supply your tools or grub or supplies or tent or anything else but when you make a valuable discovery we are willing to offer a share of what we get for the discovery that you have made or whenever it is developed and producing with a written agreement or perhaps an agreement for you to mine on one claim which we can discuss. This offer is for someone who wants to explore, test and prospect for potentially good mining areas with the idea that it or they could be mined in the future, or, we could write an agreement to mine the claim. We are also open to discussing a possible partnership, or, selling one 160 acre claim or trading it for something we need like an excavator delivered to Alaska with agreeable conditions. Another option could be that we write an agreement for you to actually do gold mining on one of the claims or an agreement for drilling, trenching or larger scale testing. Everything will be in writing which eliminates confusion and misunderstandings. Are you available to live your dream during the summer in Alaska in 2017? If you send an email give me some information about your plans and your name and phone number! Contact me at or call my cell phone (520) 709-0601

mining claims for sale

Falls Creek - Added 1/21/17. I have three claims for sale in the Cache Creek Basin (Dutch Hills). They are on upper Falls Creek. I have held them since the late nineties. I am getting a little long in the tooth now and hope someone will be interested! The asking price is $12,500 for one, $10,000 each for two ($20,000 for two) and a great deal, $9000 each for three ($27,000 for three). Please e-mail me with questions / or interest with the word CLAIM in the subject line.

Near Fairbanks - Added 1/10/17. Claims are located in the Tanana Quadrangle, 4 North, 13 West Fairbanks Meridian, 440 acres on Boston Creek, 40 acres on Rabbit Gulch, around 100 on Eureka Creek, 40 acres on Moose Mary, more than 200 acres on Glenn Creek. Small disputes with neighboring miners on land; only because of over staking land. It is not a concern, because if you do any research at all, over staking is illegal; people are just trying to take land without having to buy it. Glenn Creek runs along side of Shirley Bar and both have rich history as do Eureka and Boston.

near fairbanks

I am a 74 year old woman with another 84 acres of land in the arctic circle, which leaves me without much time on my hands. So, I'm selling instead of working them; it takes a lot of resources and time to mine. Also included in the sale are a loader and Ross box. The price is placed at $300,000. The claims will not be sold separately. The claims are not patented but state leased, which shows in the price. If you are interested, I can be contacted at

Coldfoot Area - Updated 1/10/17. Placer gold exploration and mining permits until 2020. Located 14 miles south of Coldfoot, Alaska adjacent to Middle Fork Koyukuk River. Thirteen federal 40 acre placer claims. Owner retiring. Two large areas drilled in 1990, only one area, Chapman Creek, mined with good gold recovered; second area, Frying Pan Bar, is a larger undeveloped area along the river valley and a low bench, with higher drill values than Chapman Creek. Confidential drill logs available.

 Koyukuk Coldfoot Alaska

Restricted access 4.5 mile road to claims from Dalton Highway, maintained by claimant and Alyeska Pipeline Co. Airstrip 900’ long. Mine permitted in 2010 and current with state and federal requirements. Sale includes office/cook shack with propane refrigerator, stove, electric lighting, 3 bedroom bunkhouse, laundry room with washer, dryer, full bathroom. Also included Cat D9G, D8H, 966C, 320N, 235 B, 4000 gal fuel truck, 6000 gal fuel pup, 55KW, 20KW gen sets,10 wheel dump, 100 cu yd per hour wash plant, storage trailer with tools and supplies. Start mining this season. Total $680,000. Contact Donald Keill, agent, at 907-460-0213, 907-457-2423 or 

Lake Creek - Updated 1/7/17. Riversong Gold Mine is a 40-acre Alaska state leasehold located on Lake Creek, a premier rainbow and salmon stream in the Talkeetna Recording District. This secluded property is north of the confluence with the Yentna River and is perfect for someone who loves working alone or with a partner in an unspoiled wilderness that’s rich in alluvial gold and Alaskan wildlife. Everything is fully operational with a state approved multiyear mining plan good until July 2020.

There are approximately ten acres alongside Lake Creek that is an old riverbed comprised of alluvial deposits. The adjoining bench is an ancient riverbank that slopes up to a second riverbed and then a steep hillside. Widely spaced birch and spruce minimize the need for tree cutting and leave abundant room for placer mining. The active river channel always produces fine gold, small garnets, and black sands, and even a schoolkid can pan out a dozen flakes and specks on every try.

riversong claims

In 2005, Golconda Resources and Sheer Minerals of Canada spent $1 million on a joint drilling exploration for diamonds seven miles north of this site. Seventeen microdiamonds were found in the core samples. Subsequently, the people who initiated the search have maintained the mining claims where the discoveries were made and exploration is ongoing. What’s most important, though, is Riversong sits in Lake Creek Canyon at the same depth where the microdiamonds were found. Despite being a big long shot, this still provides an opportunity for finding something even more valuable than gold.

The mine comes complete with two storage sheds, a Montana 2434 tractor with frontend loader and backhoe, a 1990 Jeep Wrangler in Anchorage, a Honda three-wheeler, a two-inch Keene dredge, a 25” Keene spiral gold wheel, a Keene portable sluice, two generators, a three-inch trash pump, four steel sluice boxes, extra miner’s moss, an electric welder, an air compressor, two chainsaws, a bear rifle, an Iridium 955 satellite phone, power and hand tools too numerous to list, nuts, bolts, and nails beyond description, plenty of fuel for a season of mining and prospecting, and an assortment of gold cleanup tools. Everything is in good or new-like condition and cost more than $100,000 to buy and move into the mine site. A buyer needs only to bring food and work clothes, everything else is provided. There’s even a hillside spring for running water.

riversong gold

Riversong is probably best suited for mining alluvial deposits that can be bagged and sold as real Alaskan pay dirt. This would also eliminate the need for costly jigs and shaker plants that are necessary for recovering fine gold. —But what’s most important, this gets rid of the high cost of workers and heavy equipment, which always bankrupt Alaska gold mining deals. One or two people can easily operate this mine with little expense, yet produce hundreds of one-pound bags of pay dirt worth $25 to $100 each on a retail website or in storefront shops. What’s more, there are innumerable birch trees nearby with chaga mushrooms that are selling as America’s hottest new cancer-killing herb.

Where else can you catch 20-inch rainbows and 30-pound king salmon after a hard day’s work and have bald eagles watching you from across the river? And why would you ever buy a cabin when you can spend your summers here, especially when it costs less than $200 a year to maintain the ultimate tax-free survival property? It doesn’t get any better.

Priced at $119,000, and I might take $25,000 down and payments from someone with good credit. - 480-275-9474

Fortymile River - Added 12/5/16. ADL 704652 and 704653 Rainbow #5 and #6 are river bottom gold claims for sale at $3000.00 each. Want to sell together. Only 2-1/2 miles below south fork bridge. Accessible by 4/wheeler or boat. Gold average size is 20 mesh with a couple of pickers each day. Average 3 grams of gold per hour with a 8" dredge. Gravel bar avg. 2-1/2' of overburden down to bedrock to over on the river channel side is bedrock outcropping. Call 907-687-4694 or

Kougarok River - Added 11/12/16. Alaskan State claims for sale on Seward Peninsula, approximately 100 North of Nome. 8.5 miles of Kougarok river claims. 3 affordable groups (10 to 14 claims per group) with some very interesting bench claims available as a bonus if interested. We've prospected these claims over the last 6 seasons using a suction dredge w/ several paystreaks located (98% virgin to suction dredging). Several cabins on the downstream group (2 miles from end of road), remote (2 to 14 miles from end of road), ATV, cat trail access.

kougarok nome

We found quite a bit of coarse gold up to 7 oz nugget. Upper group has a paystreak of finer gold that extends at least a couple of miles (we haven't fully determined just how far this extends but have got as high as 2ozs/6 hr dredging session). There is an old cabin that could be fixed up or moved closer to the claims of the upper group. Middle group is the least prospected but we have found nuggets at the bottom of a rapids and the bench at the terrific camp site carries colors and heavies (looks to me like an ancient channel). The bottom group has a nugget paystreak that probably extends 300' or more (we've established the upper end, then 200' down is where we found the 7oz nugget and at that time we covered the downstream ground with tailings so we know that the paystreak extends downstream, possibly for several hundred yards. All the claims are Alaskan State claims which means less problems... no BLM. Asking 95K (bottom), 70K (middle) and 80K(upper) respectively...roughly 7.5K/claim (which is a very good deal for I see several 40 acre claims in the general area for 40K or more per claim). I can't over emphasis the fact that we've prospected up there for the last 6 seasons...we know where we didn't hit any gold...we know where we hit some gold but not enough to pay with our 6" dredge... we know where there are existing paystreaks.... we know hidden trails for access.... and can give advice as to camping ect ... all this information is very valuable and should be taken into consideration. (most of the claims I see advertised don't have much positive information available). Age forces sale but we hope to sell only one or two of these groups so, God willing, we’ll be up there again next season. Contact: Jim at 530 626 8753 (10am to 5pm Mon thru Sat) or Jan at 360 427 5367 ..... email

Nome, Offshore - Added 10/21/16. For sale by owner 10% Ownership of 16,576 acres of offshore Nome mining leases, $3,500,000. The best remaining ground offshore Nome. Comes with data that cost millions of dollars to collect and process; work was performed 2012-2014 by and for one of the world's top mining companies. About 120,000 ounces was mined from 500 acres in the 1980's. Over 16,000 acres remain unworked, but heavily studied.

Very significant proven and probable reserves. The best material is within the top 3 feet of the sea floor, basically no overburden. Water depths of 28 to 70 feet. All these acres are within friendly Alaskan waters, offshore Nome. The Bering Sea gold mined here has a very high gold content. Contact me via andrew at or 907-304-0216 for details.

Petersville - Added 10/5/16. Fractional mining claim just under 15 acres on upper Cache Creek. ADL #710710. Google Earth coordinates 62.542950 -150.896547. The claim is road accessible and is above the anadromous (salmon-bearing) portion of Cache Creek. Currently there is a stream diversion allowing the creekbed to be mined. The gold ranges from super fine to small pickers. Lots of bench ground and the creek runs through the entire claim. Perfect for weekend mining, hobby mining, suction dredging, or heavy equipment operation. The area abounds with fishing, hunting, and snowmachining opportunities. Complete with older 8' camper, outhouse and firepit. Just bring your food, beer, and goldpans! Cell signal is very close, and the claim is adjacent to a small airstrip that could be utilized with some grading. Owners other interests forces sale. Package deal with full size trommel available. For more information call Bryce at 907-748-1750 or Jeremy at 907-232-6758.

Nome - Added 9/13/16. I have 4 beach claims two out by safety. Two out by cripple creek one joins Vern Adkinsen. Huge price drop $25,000 for all. 907-227-2983

Near Anchorage - Added 8/4/16. Fifteen 40-acre state claims in two groups of placer ground with great access. All the claims would be great for suction dredging and high banking. Some of the claims have enough low bench ground for heavy equipment operations. They have not ever been mined to any degree. They have been held for decades in speculation. Good gold on every claim. No equipment and no permafrost. Sixteen thousand dollars per claim or a better rate on groups of claims. Only about 70 highway miles from Anchorage. Contact: for more information.

Nome Offshore Leases & More - Added 34/26/16. Two 1000 acre claims with a undivided 50% ownership and 8 claims on Cripple Creek of 40 acres each at 100% ownership with the barges and suction equipment included in this purchase. Estimated reserves at over 1,000,000 oz. on the seabed. These business has been mining this seabed for over 20 years and is a great gold opportunity for a established offshore miner! More information at

Placer Gold in Alaska - Added 4/13/16. On five miles of river claims. Gold grades average of 18 large samples is $44 per cubic yard at the grass roots, huge volume of gravel. Airstrip, trails, professionally surveyed and sampled claims with mineral report. Historic mining, but 99% unmined. Adequate water, water rights and cabin included. Complete buy out preferred. Asking $2,500,000. Contact: Jim Halloran,

Talkeetna Area - Added 3/19/16. Mine just past the red roof cabins out of Talkeetna for sale. On cash creek, Dozer, excavator , trommel, loader, cabin, office shack, large conex for storage, large generator, hoses. Much more, only very interested need to call. Property is on smaller creek with settling pond ready for operations. Call Bonnie @ Kings real estate 907-688-2276

Nome Inland Gold Claims - Added 3/4/16. Have 40 acre claims on various Gold bearing creeks, found by the early prospectors, inland from Nome. These claims have not been worked by modern methods (Dredges or Heavy Equipment). Have maps and Geological information. These claims are a little farther out, that’s why they have Virgin Ground remaining. Claims on Kougarok River, North Fork Kougarok, Venetia Cr., Bonanza Cr. and Canyon cr., Trib. of Iron Cr. 70 years old, haven’t the years to work this ground. Will sell in blocks or special deal for all. Email or call 916-862-5082

Alfred Creek (behind Sheep Mountain) - Updated 2/21/16. Mining camp for sale on Alfred Creek near Sheep Mountain 123 miles from Anchorage. Over 2,120 acres in fifty- three State of Alaska mining claims. Mining camp is 12 miles off Glenn Highway (mile 123) and has road drivable by truck or 4 wheeler in the summer and snow machine in the winter. There is also a 2000 foot airstrip at camp. Six buildings include a heated main house with kitchen, bedroom, shower with hot water on demand, and storage area. Caretaker's cabin has a heated kitchen and bedroom. Also has modern outhouse, tool shed, an old miner's cabin and shelter.

Alfred Creek Camp

Equipment includes a 6x6 truck, a 5 ton army cargo truck, 6x6 duce and half fuel truck, 6x6 duce and half cargo. A 6x6 duce and half hydraulic power truck, with complete mining plant, water pump hoses in place ready to run. All you need is heavy equipment, Mining records for '09 available. Water rights and exploration records available on most claims. Ideal business for suction dredging, metal detection work, panning, high banking or recreational use. Great area for hunting for moose, caribou, sheep, wolf and fox. Price reduced to $200,000 for package. For more details contact Ed DeWitt (907) 563-1822 or Cell(907)227-0801. email:

Ernestine Creek - Added 2/11/16. I own one half interest in 32 forty acre claims at mile 61.5 off the Richardson Hwy. It comes with two 450 Case loaders, a TD15 dozer, a Linkbelt excavator, and a deuce and a half set up as a bunkhouse. There are two wash plants, and several trailers and pumps.

 Ernestine Creek

I own the APMA permit I have a leased right of way through BLM. These are leased claims with all the correct permits and leases. This creek has never been mined pass the first two claims because of the terrain and a glacier that came down two within a mile of the trail or now highway. Then it became federal land could not be claimed. With the land swap in 2007 it became state land and we have it all. Claim number four has assayed out at 1.79 oz per ton. We have put a road in about five miles and are getting ready to mine the first of three ancient waterfalls. Illness forces me to sell out at a cut rate. I would like to sell my share for $500K. Call 603-582-2450

Valdez Creek - Added 1/26/16. ~ESTATE SALE~ Parts of Gold Hill, Lucky Hill and Timberline Hill and Creek plus more. Major Gold, Silver and PGM deposits. POTENTIAL ore reserves into the Billions. Property is in early stage development with several identified deposits. Included are (59) State claims—4,400 acres and (4) Federal claims—100 acres. Included in this package, they will be GIFTED as a bonus (13) State Select claims-740 acre. There are several old gold mines plus several new discoveries of gold & PGM with the potential for several large deposits. Open-pit lode and placer, underground lode (several). Excellent ore values with “drive to” access, mine-friendly area. We want a professional mining firm to aggressively drill targets for mine development. Claims estimated value when gold was $900 to $1,000 per ounce was $5,000 per acre. For information contact JENNIE THOMPSON via email at or call (907)748-5742. I am open to commercial offers. This Property is FOR SALE with possible LEASE OPTION available.

Fortymile Area - Updated 11/6/15. Gold property for sale and/or lease in the Fortymile area located near Chicken, Alaska. Properties include dredging claims to turn- key placer gold operations. Some claims have proven ground, while others have unworked/untested areas. Several claims are road accessible and others are more remote. Heavy equipment, mining supplies, and housing are included in the purchase of some claims. Website:

Sourdough Creek (Circle Mining District) - Updated 8/25/15. Ten connected 40 acre mining claims located off Steese Highway, on Sourdough creek. Claim #'s ADL605311, ADL612902 - ADL612910. Road access to all claims, mining cabin, bunk house, beaver pond for water. Sourdough creek runs through middle of upper claims. Price reduced to $65,000. Neva Mills - 907-389-6382 or Kyle Meeks - 360-870-5857

Hatcher Pass - Added 8/25/15. 76 Acres - Two claims 40 & 36 acres ADL#552583 & ADL#630094. Located on Peters Creek north side of Bullion Mountain. These claims have not been worked since 2005 after they were purchased. This is a Estate Sale priced at 25k total. Please contact

Delta Junction Area - Added 8/24/15. Four 40 acre mining claims for sale. Machinery, cats, backhoe, wash plants (all the extras) full mining camp. Asking $225,000. Call 907-888-6422 or 608-378-3425 for more details.

Nome Area Claims - Added 8/7/15. I have several claims to the West of Nome in an area with very little overburden and near a fault line. They were formerly listed for $40,000 each but since I'm in the middle of a project that needs funding, I'd be willing to let a few of these go for $20,000 each. I also have several on Sledge Island which were formerly listed for $80,000 each. I'd sell one or two of these go for $40,000 apiece. I've got 9 claims more that I recently acquired located to the East of Nome near the entrance to Safety Sound. I'll let these go for $5,000 apiece. That's not a typo, 5K apiece. There are several reports and surveys available on the internet that attest to the richness of the gold deposits offshore Nome. It is the richest known marine placer gold deposit on the planet. There is one report in particular that documents the deposits around Sledge Island (Google "Sledge Island gold." Other key words would be USGS survey Nome gold, offshore gold nome, etc.)

Nome Mining Claims For Sale

 There have been hundreds of thousands, if not millions of ounces of gold taken from the Nome mining district, 95% of to came from the land and less than 5% from offshore. A lot of people, including me, believe there is as much or more gold on the bottom of the sea offshore Nome than there was on the land. It was pushed from the mountains and valleys out into the sea by the ancient glaciers, rivers and streams. It has been virtually untouched compared to the land deposits because it's been only recently that technology has evolved to the point where it could be economically recovered.

These are all 40 acre tidewater claims which start at the water's edge, extend a quarter of a mile (1320 feet) along the beach and then a quarter of a mile into the ocean. Recent changes to the regulations make it a lot more difficult to get authorization to work on somebody else's claim or lease. By owning one of these claims you would be eligible to get your own permit, dredge on your own ground and not have to pay a royalty (typically 20%) to a claim or lease owner. Vernon Adkison, Wild Ranger Gold Company, Nome, Alaska 907-399-1176

Isabel Pass - Added 8/7/15. Isabel Pass, +8,000 acres (53 State mining claims), 68 miles south of Delta Junction, Alaska. The paved Richardson Highway crosses the property. Excellent access from the highway to the gold-bearing gravel. There are four drainages involved in the claim package: Phelan Creek, upper Gulkana River, lower College Creek and lower Gunn Creek. Gold and platinum have been determined in the heavy mineral fraction of the placer. None of the ground has been drilled, but numerous surface samples have been obtained with gold grades of 0.16 to 0.155 ounces per cubic yard from the heavy mineral fraction in surface samples. Gold occurs as fine grained visible gold and in sulfides; platinum is in the sulfide fraction of the placer concentrate. Gold occurs at the surface, with no muck or overburden.

Isabel Pass
Oblique view of the Isabel Pass claims showing Phelan Creek and upper Gulkana River drainages.

This is a hybrid placer gold deposit. Conventional free gold occurs, and gold-platinum in sulfides, with a magnetite (iron) by-product. Successful mining will require large-scale jigs, spirals or bowls to recover the heavy minerals in a concentrate, then, the concentrate will be processed for gold, gold-platinum sulfides, and iron products. More than one billion cubic yards are conservatively estimated. Drilling is needed to determine the thickness and distribution of precious metals with depth. Exploration permits have been received from Alaska DNR for 2015 and 2016 exploration activities, including drilling and two small bulk sample test sites. A report is available on request. Terms are negotiable, outright sale $4,500,000, or sale with royalty, lease with royalty, lease with option to buy, or joint venture. For more information call 520-465-8650 or 928-445-1914, or e-mail:

Alfred Creek - Updated 7/10/15. PRICE REDUCED. Two 40 acre State mining claims in the Willow Creek District approximately 120 mile northeast of Anchorage on Alfred Creek. Assessment work good until Sept 2015. Both claims accessible by rough 4WD dirt road from the Glenn Highway and are approximately 4 miles downstream of a 1200 foot dirt landing strip on Alfred Creek. Gold was discovered on Alfred Creek in 1911 and small scale mining has continued ever since. A small amount of platinum if found with the gold.  "Placer gold found along length of stream. Lower part of the stream course cuts through Cretaceous shale, while upstream it cuts through Jurassic sandstone and shale. The Jurassic sandstone and shale is cut by small dikes. Ridge north of creek capped by Tertiary volcanic rocks that may be underlain by conglomerate, which could be source of placer gold in the creek" (Martin and Mertie, 1914). Claims are $5000 each or $9,000 for both. Call John at 907-694-2497 or 907-830-2737

Alfred Creek  Tailing pile
Alfred Creek, and one of many old tailing piles on claims

Petersville Area - Added 7/10/15. Six recently issued State of Alaska mining leases totaling 2,690 acres. State mining leases are 20-year leases with 16 years remaining and are renewable. Also available are 25 forty-acre claims with 6 buildings and 3 airstrips. Located in historic and present Petersville/Yentna Mining District area, that has seasonal road access to all claims and leases.Located in Talkeetna C-2 Quadrangle north of the Peters Hills and all above tree line on Cottonwood, Poorman, Pass, Willow, Little Writer, and Peters Creeks where very limited mining of present alluvium has occurred. Drill logs, sampling, and certified geophysical information are available. Owner would like to see the property brought to commercial production and is willing to negotiate a possible sale. Leases can be subdivided and sold as smaller leases if need be.  Serious inquiries only. For more information contact Michele Stevens @ 907-345-9656, website: or email:

Dalton Highway - Added 7/10/15. Ten mining claims, cabin and all the equipment needed to run a small (2 or 3) person, gold placer mining operation. It's completely ready to work. The bed rock runs anywhere from 10 to 20 ft. $325,000 for the first 3 claims, cabin, shop, all the equipment, tools fuel, pumps, hoses compressors, 2 swamp buggies and so much more. $20K to $10K each for the other 7 claims, or $400,000 for all. Please just serious replies only. email


Falls Creek - Added 6/29/15. Petersville area, 40 acre claim on Falls creek, ADL 720627. Has good water for a small dredge, alluvial fan at bottom of creek. Adjacent to Nugget Creek. Truck access to within 1 mile, 4 wheeler access within 1/4 mile. Great weekend claim in an area that rarely has claims for sale. Has old hydraulic ditch on west side of claim. $8000 Please contact Charles at 841-0589.

Tanana Area Claims - Added 6/29/15. These claims were mined about 40-50 years ago with poor recovery techniques. UAF did a study on the tailings stating they missed 70 percent of the gold. The claims our just under a 1000 acres and has access to a 2500 foot runway. There are 24 huge tailing piles and I have discovered plenty of virgin ground left to be had. The property had abandoned equipment on it including a john deer tracked dozer/loader with back hoe on it a large wheel loader that runs but needs some much needed tlc. 2 cabins and 2 40' trailers one is a cook shack/ sleeping quarters and the other just sleeping quarters. All cabins have wood stoves and there is a propane water heater and commercial oven. I have a 2001 ex 120 hitachi excavator and 2014 259d cat skid steer and a new heckler fabrication 3610 trommel. It runs on diesel and sips the fuel. It will do about 35/40 yards an hour. The sluice is 3 feet by 10 feet. It has a 4 inch pump to run the water. I have a Cessna 172 I could throw in as well if you wanted it. Nothing special but a plane is needed for this camp. It can run on auto fuel and the engine it has actually prefers it to 100ll. There is another crew out there as well that would transfer to the buyer. They have a very nice plant that can run up to 300 yards an hour. Idk if they would stay there if I sold but something to consider. There is internet available out there as well. Have 2 Greer tanks At the airfield which a fuel plane comes and fills every few weeks. 650 deisel and 350 gas at a time. 1000 gallon deisel tank and 500 gallon gas tank. There is a bunch of tools, welders, generators, we have a gold tent for clean up that has a gold cube and gold wheel. There is a the main creek that runs rite by camp and a smaller spring fed creek that runs along the other side of camp where we get our fresh drinkable water. The only access to the camp is by a tractor trail from the Yukon which is about 17 miles or by plane. Please note you cannot drive to the claim. There is also a 2009 can am quad a Artic cat 2009 500 with 8' trailer, old jeep and f250 work truck that currently isn't running but just haven't had the time to look at yet. There is a 22' Texas flat bed trailer you can use to haul supplies from the river if needed. There is a lot of gold to be had here, I truly love it out there and the only reason I'm selling this beautiful plot is to live closer to my son. Serious inquiry's only. The land is about 20 miles west of Tanana feel free to ask questions I will try to reply as soon as possible but I'm very busy this season. Asking 1,000,000. Or possibly an investor for a 50/50 partner. Also I do have the permits in hand through 2017.

Anvil Creek Mine - Updated 5/16/15. Near Ophir, Alaska, Mt. McKinley Recording District, Kateel River Meridian, Township. 27 S., Range 12 E. Twenty-one Placer Gold Claims - 11 State & 10 Federal, 580 Acres with 2,500 ft. of Innoko River Frontage. Anvil Creek is around 2 1/2 miles long with approx. 7,000 lineal feet of virgin creek channel left to be mined plus the benches and Innoko flats areas. Average gold fineness is 878 parts gold and 117 parts of silver in a thousand. All permits and paperwork are current and in order. Includes the following equipment (all in good condition): Cat 375 Excavator, Cat 304 CR Mini Excavator, Cat D8N Dozer, Goldfield 230 yds/hr Trommel with sluice box. Turnkey Operation, Price: $925,000 (Negotiable) - For more information and details contact Dan or Cindy 541-519-1997 or

Anvil Creek Mine, Alaska  Anvil Creek Gold
Anvil Creek Mine, Alaska and Anvil Creek Gold - Click photos for larger versions

South Fork Fortymile River - Added 4/27/15. Two South Fork Fortymile River mining claims for sale! The claims are very close in distance, with only one 1320 ft. river claim in between them. Great camping location on the claims, (permit available through BLM). The high aerial picture attached show the two claims. A sample of the gold found on the claims is shown in a couple of the pictures. $4,000 each. Contact me at

Fortymile River Claims

Cape Nome - Added 2/16/15. Three (3) Forty acres of 'Tidewater Claims' located at Cape Nome, Alaska just south of Nome, Alaska. Live the Bering Sea gold dream with a year round access road for great offshore and beach gold potential. Each Tidewater Claim can be sold together or separate (contingent on the closing of all). $50,000 per 40 acre claim. Top of the world 1,2,3 ADL# 716748, 716749, 716750. Contact: Stewart Smith or Mollie Smith 907-865-6505 visit us on the web  Email: or

Grace Creek - Added 1/23/15. Four State 40 acre claims on Grace Creek, a tributary of Jack Wade Creek in the Forty Mile Gold District. Near the Junction of the Taylor Hwy and Eagle Cutoff. An area noted for good gold. $3,500.00 each claim or discount for buying all four. Email  or call Bob 701-four two five-8119

Alfred Creek - Updated 11/12/14 - Four 160 acre claims = 640 acres and seven each 40 acre claims = 280 acres, total acres 920 acres. All the claims are on Alfred creek in the Palmer recording district. For all the claims and all the equipment Asking $315 K (reduced from $415 K)E-email Cell # 907-244-4353 or 907-240-7102

Fortymile River - Added 10/12/14. Six Fortymile River claims for sale. All are road accessible six miles from Chicken. ADLs 552248, 552249, 552250, 552252, 552253, 552254. Camping spots available through B.L.M. One claim at Atwater. Two claims at Hell's Gate. And three more claims continues together above Hell's Gate. $3000.00 per claim. Don't need a jet boat or hovercraft to access them. Purity of gold 84%. Overburden is three feet to totally exposed bedrock. Call Jim Swearingin at 907-687-4694 for more information and map.

Fairbanks Area - Added 10/12/14. An Alaska mining company has spent the last 5 years looking for the gold source that continues to rejuvenate its creeks. The area has been mined over the last 100 plus years and continues to produce gold to date. With the last 5 years of exploration we have discovered that the gold has come from VMS’s in the area. The area shows a conservative figure of 3,800,000 toz of gold reserves, with a recovery cost of only $198 per ounce. We have invested over $12,000,000 to get to this point. This provides a huge return potential for those get involved and this offer will not last long. There will be a confidently agreement signed before disclosure of the area. We are looking for investors or to sell it all. You can contact us at:

Historic Cliff Gold Mine - Updated 9/4/14. The Cliff Gold Mine is a historical producer located 11 km from Valdez Alaska at 61º07’ north latitude and 146º33’ west longitude. The Cliff gold system is extensive and underexplored with similarities to nearby historic producer at Chichagof (800,000 ounces of gold at 1.1 oz/ton). Potential is recognized for discovery of multi 100 thousand ounces deposit of braided fissure vein mineralization with individual ore shootgrades in excess of 1 oz/ton. The number of veins appears to increase with depth.

51,740 OZ PRODUCED AVG. - 1.74 OZ/TON AU (1910-1942)

Asking Price – $250,000
Please contact Carmen Storey +447814030538

Brooks Range - Added 8/25/14. Twenty-eight 40 acre State of Alaska gold mining or dredging claims along with all of the equipment are for sale in the south side of the Brooks Range. The ground is rich, shallow and thaws to bedrock each summer. The paystreak runs about $33 to the yard at $1300 gold. All the ground is unmined and shallow at 4 to 8 feet. Equipment includes an 8” suction dredge, Bobcat 325 mini excavator with 2800 hours on it, Polaris 6X6 ATV with trailer, many more tools, equipment, spare part and supplies too numerous to mention. Everything is in good working condition. Complete professional report with inventory of equipment is available. Asking $600,000. Serious inquiries only, please. Contact: Jim Halloran (agent) at

Brooks Range Gold
Brooks Range Gold

Cache Creek - Added 8/25/14. In Peters Hills, Yentna Mining District, north of Anchorage. Currently actively mining in the summer of 2014, but the owner wants to retire. The mine is on 400 acres of patented mining claims which has road access and a 4,000 foot airstrip adjacent to the property. In this part of southern Alaska, the mining season can be as long as five or even six months. A typical mining season produces very profitable amounts of gold. After mining the land, which has already been subdivided can be sold off as 10 acre lots. The heavy equipment includes a recently overhauled Cat D8T, Cat 330DL, Cat D6K, Cat 315CL, 150 yard per hour mobile washplant, large water pumps, fuel trucks, service truck, welding truck, large generators, clean-up van, tool shop van, 4-wheelers and many more items too numerous to mention here. Plus eight comfortable individual housing units with kitchens and bathrooms.

Plenty of mineral reserves remain for years of happy mining. Ask for our report on the property and equipment. We are asking $5 million for entire operation, or $2.5 million for the property and $2.5 million for the camp and equipment. A complete sale will be preferred and with no owner finance. Serious buyers need only respond. Please email:

Tolovana River Project - Updated 6/9/14. Located in North Fairbanks, central Alaska approximately 45 miles north of Fairbanks. ADL 617957-617961 618015-610825 MMM 34-36 MMM 43-44 MMM 37-42 MMM 45-49. Tolovana River Project, located near Livengood, Alaska. Proposed two-phase development of the Tolovana Gold Project with production of an indicated +295,650oz over 5 years. Price reduced to $2,500,000. Contact: Stewart Smith or Mollie Smith 907-865-6505 visit us on the web Email: or

Long Creek

Cape Yakataga - Added 4/26/14. Sell, lease or joint venture on over 100 Alaska Tidewater Claims in the Yakataga/Icy Bay region. Beach has been mined by hand for over 150 years. The present beach is inland from where the old timers mined. Erosion has placed ruby sand and gold where it can be mined right from the surface nearly all year long. Send inquiries to:

Want To Trade - Added 3/11/14. I am interested in trading Twin Otter, Single Turbine Otter or Casa 212 time in exchange for interest in or trade for Gold mining property. We can configure the airplanes for either Passenger. Or Cargo or combinations of both. We have capability for bulk fuel hauling and oversized cargo. Contact Gary Porter, or 907-399-1048 Bald Mountain Air Service Inc.

Nome - Updated 2/5/14. Placer gold properties (All State claims) for sale near Nome by life-long Alaskans Jim and Kay Hansen. 907-443-5425 or email

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