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Gold Mining Claims For Sale or Lease in California

This page is a free service intended to help people find gold mining claims or other mineral properties for sale or lease. Listings here may be deleted after 6 months unless you contact us and let us know you wish the listing to continue. We will not contact you prior to deletion; it is your responsibility to keep us up-to-date.

To have your claim listed here, email your ad with details. For listings in other states return to index. Use the existing ads as your template. You must provide some form of contact information, as we will not respond directly to requests for information about your listing. If you wish to have your listing removed or modified before the six months expire, please let us know. Note that since the webmaster is a prospector it can take a week or more for listings to be posted.

VERY IMPORTANT! and Herschbach Enterprises take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented here. A listing on this page is in no way an endorsement or recommendation of the property listed. Contact the person listing the claim if you want more information. Research all claims thoroughly before purchase. Read Investigate That Claim Before You Buying ; although about Alaska it gives you an idea of questions to consider. Also visit the Gold Mining Scam page for some insight. If you have any doubt about what you are doing consider hiring a qualified person or company to validate a potential claim purchase. If you know of a listing here that you believe to be fraudulent in any way please alert us at the email address above.


South Fork Salmon River - Added 4/11/18. The perfect placer mining claims. Three contiguous 20 acre mining claims on the South Fork of the Salmon River in northern California. These claims are loaded with gold. I have owned these claims since 2009. On my 1st season we averaged over an ounce per day with 5" dredge. 2 guys dredging about 6 hours a day. The claims are Chadwick CAMC0272062, Plummer Creek CAMC0272063 and Addie Marie CAMC0272064. Great drive to access. Private camping area. Services fairly close in Etna, CA. I paid a lot more for these claims when I bought them from The Claim Post. They were worth it. I can no longer hold these claims as I work overseas and live in Arizona. 3/4 of a mile of S Fork of the Salmon River. Interested parties can contact me by email:  I am currently overseas but will be stateside in mid May till mid June.

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