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Last Visit to Ganes Creek Pay-To-Mine Operation - 6/2012

I hunted hard and got gold every day but one for two weeks, but could not get over larger pieces. I went left when I should have went right. When it comes to getting the big ones the first couple rows you hit often tell the game. 14 nuggets this week got me not quite another ounce of gold, for a two week total of 36 nuggets and 2.86 ounces. Most of the gold was found with a Fisher F75 Special Edition, three nuggets were found with my Minelab GPX 5000 and eight small nuggets with the Fisher Gold Bug Pro.

2012 gold found by Steve Herschbach at ganes Creek
My Final Ganes Creek Nugget Finds

I can't help but admit I am shy of where I was hoping to be on gold, but that said had the best two weeks of fun times with good people I could have. Really, really good groups, and the people make the fun. Many thanks as always to the Clark family and crew for a fantastic experience.

Little did I know when I wrote the paragraphs above that I would have already made my last visit to the Ganes Creek Pay-To-Mine operation. It was quite a surprise when in the fall of 2012 it was announced that the last and final season at Ganes Creek had already happened and that the mine was closing its doors to the public. I can't say I did not see it coming but I thought there would be at least a "one last time" sort of affair. In any case, I will fill this page out with details and photos soon to document my last big adventure at Ganes Creek.

Ganes Creek 2012 Week One
Ganes Creek 2012 Week One - 18.45 ounces

Here is a view a lot of people are going to wish they could be seeing again in 2013 - there is gold waiting to be found!

Ganes Creek Tailings Ready to Hunt

Steve Herschbach